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The following is a list of the latest DSA policies and departmental guidelines. Check back regularly as we are expanding this list.


Student Housing Admissions Policy 2017-2021

Orientation Policy 2017

Vacation Accommodation: Policy on student bookings

Vacation Accommodation: Policy on group bookings

Vacation Accommodation: Policy on holiday makers bookings

All Africa House policy

2017 Financial Aid Guidelines

Residence On and Off Campus Events Process


Student Handbooks

Student Housing & Residence Life: General Housing Information (2017) 

General Rules and Policies (Handbook 3, 2017) 

Student Services and Support (Handbook 5, 2017) 

Student fees (Handbook 12, 2017) 

Financial assistance for undergraduate students (Handbook 13, 2017) 

Financial Assistance for Postgraduate Study and Postdoctoral Research (Handbook 14, 2017) 

Other policies at UCT

UCT Discrimination & Harassment policies

External policies

Norms and standards for student housing at public universities