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All Africa House Policy

All Africa House is an academic facility designed to provide self catering accommodation in a scholarly environment for academic visitors to the University of Cape Town.

Keys will only be available from Reception between 08h00 and 16h30, Monday to Friday. Guests arriving at any other time should either make appropriate arrangements with their host departments at UCT to get the keys during office hours, or notify All Africa House management of their expected time of arrival. AAH Management will then alert a Sub-Warden to be available to hand over keys when the arriving guest rings the AAH front door intercom.

On arrival guests should:

On departure, it is necessary to sign out of the guest register, hand in all keys and the security access card.

Note: A charge will be incurred to replace any keys or security cards lost or not returned.

Guests must settle all outstanding monies still owing to All Africa House, between 08h00 and 16h00 weekdays.


Should a guest need to leave All Africa House after hours, on a weekend or a public holiday, please inform the Administration during the normal working hours and request a final invoice in advance of departure. Paying the bill in advance will speed up the process and any queries can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Please complete the service questionnaire before departure. This information is used to improve the level of service delivery. Service questionnaires are available in rooms, as well as from the receptionist.

  1. Eligibility

    All Africa House is primarily designed to provide short-term (e.g. a few days) to medium-term (e.g. 3 months), accommodation for visiting scholars to UCT.

    Visiting scholars are generally thought to be from other tertiary education institutions and may include:

    • Academics
    • Researchers
    • University Administrators
    • Prospective candidates, for academic and administrative posts

    Other guests as may be sanctioned by the Board of Management on an individual basis

  2. Those not eligible to stay in All Africa House
    • Academic and administrative support staff who have accepted appointments at the University (Staff Housing is available for this purpose)
    • Guests with small children under the age of 14 years
    • Holidaymakers and transit visitors to Cape Town
  3. Policy on family members and other overnight visitors

    A partner may share a en-suite/studio and executive flat or a suite with a visiting scholar at an extra cost, as shown in the general tariffs (second person supplement would be applicable except in the case of the 2-roomed apartment). Guests must inform the Management if an additional person will be sharing the room.

    No more than one person can occupy a single room. No more than two persons can occupy a en-suite/studio and executive flat.

  4. Booking and Policy Procedures

    An example of an All Africa House booking form can be found on this website but it is important to note the following:

    Provisional Bookings: All bookings made are treated as provisional bookings until such a time as a deposit has been paid (25% of the total amount owing) or in the case of academic departments, a fund number has been furnished for the purpose of charging the accommodation to at the end of the stay

    Confirmed Bookings: These are provisional bookings that are confirmed by the payment of a deposit or the provision of a departmental fund number.

    How payment can be made:

    • By way of a departmental fund transfer (journal entry), credit card number or entity.
    • By means of a credit card payment.
    • Electronic bank transfer (please fax proof of payment and booking form to be completed in full and signed to the All Africa House fax number).
  5. Rules and procedures on arrivals

    • Sign the register at the reception desk.
    • Ensure that they have a set of keys to the room and a numbered security card for entering and leaving the building.
    • Check the room or apartment and report any problem to the supervisor or the sub warden on duty.
    • Take responsibility for securing their possessions. All Africa House has installed personal safes.
    • Reception has more information about this facility.
  6. Departures

    1. Upon payment ensure that you obtain a receipt from the UCT employee on duty.
    2. When paying by credit card or departmental fund, please ensure that the UCT employee on duty has the relevant details before leaving.
  7. After Hours Departures

  8. Improving Service at All Africa House

Online application

Applicant Details

Accommodation Particulars
Accommodation Options
Accommodation - Single room (1 person)

Cost/night: R635.00

Monthly rate: R15 240.00

Accommodation - En suite room (max 2)

Cost/night: R840.00 

Cost/night: R1 340.00 – per night per couple

Monthly rate: R20 160.00

Accommodation - Studio flat (max 2)

Cost/night: R925.00

Cost/night: R1 425.00 – per night per couple

Monthly rate: R22 200.00 

 Accommodation - Executive (Two-roomed suites) (max 2)

Cost/night: R1 030.00

Cost/night: R1 530.00 – per night per couple

Monthly rate: R24 720.00

Cost/night:  R500.00 - per night per person

Monthly rate: R12 000.00

Payment Details

Your booking will only be confirmed once we are in possession of 25% deposit. If you are paying by bank deposit, please forward this form to us with a proof of payment only once you have received confirmation of your booking or once a firm offer has been made.

All cheque and bank transfers make payable to:

University of Cape Town
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Rondebosch (branch code 02500911)
Current Account Number: 071482458

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