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Vice-Chancellor's scholarship

The following are proposed rules and criteria for VC Scholarships for 2017:

Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships:

  • are valued at R40 000 per annum
  • are valid for three years, subject to a recipient being named on the Dean's Merit List in his/her faculty, at the levels specified by the faculty
  • are not awarded in addition to faculty & Entrance scholarships

A Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship will be offered to an applicant if:

  • s/he is among the top ten Mathematics Olympiad, English and Computer Science Olympiad winners in 2016
  • s/he attends a WCED school in 2016, and in the 2016 NSC examination achieves among the top 10 applicants in this category applying for admission to UCT in 2017
  • s/he attends a school outside of the Western Cape, writes the NSC administered by the Department of Basic Education, and is among the top 15 applicants in this category applying for admission to UCT in 2017,
  • s/he attends an Independent Examination Board (IEB) school and writes the NSC in 2016, and s/he is among the top 5 2016 UCT applicants in this category.

Process of awarding scholarships

Scholarships are, in most cases, awarded after the final examination results are received, in January 2017. Recipients are informed by email correspondence.