Landlords post an ad

Please note adverts will automatically be removed from the "Accommodation" page after three months; Landlords must re-advertise if spaces are available

In order to advertise your accommodation, please complete the form below. The information is updated weekly and is made available on this website. This is a free service offered by UCT and no charges or fees will be levied on either students or landlords.

Please note:

  • A lease agreement has to be submitted with the ad.
  • Each advert will only have a span of 3 months on this website. If your accommodation is not occupied within 3 months you have to reapply to advertise your accommodation.
  • Once your accommodation has been occupied, inform the Off Campus Student Accommodation Service (OCSAS) office via email or fax (086 528 6232). Your advert will be removed.

Accommodation Information